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Harlow Holiday (She/They)

Headmistress, Co-Founder

Make way for Harlow Holiday! This magnificent body-positive maven is bringing glitz and glamour full tilt. Harlow is a fiercely proud indigenous performer who loves to give back to her community. A Human Service professional by day and a Burlesquer by night, Mrs. Holiday has shimmied up and down the East coast including fabulous Canada. She is the co-founder and current Director of Salt City Burlesque in Syracuse, NY where glitter and gusto are never in short supply. You can find this sparkle enthusiast’s one-of-a-kind creations on her Instagram Le Petit Couturier. Be sure to follow her adventures through social media, to find out where you can catch her next! 

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Mary Effen Sunshine (They/Them)

Co-Founder, Neo-Burlesque, Shocklesque


A curious cacophony of characters, The Purveyor of the Preposterous, Mary Effen Sunshine is one half sweet, one half sinister and 100% a ray of Effen rowdiness. 


Born of their name after making a snarky remark, they made their debut on stage October 2014 in Albany, NY. In 2015 they helped Harlow Holiday cofound Salt City Burlesque. They have danced their way through many showcases all over New York State. After a 2-year hiatus they have made a full-force comeback in 2019 performing as a troupe member for SCB and producing their own brand of shocking performance art!


Mary is a malleable performance artist with an interest in themes ranging from horror and shock all the way to Old-Hollywood glam and physical comedy. Will they leave you stunned? Laughing? Crying? Or a combination of all three? You will never guess what they might do next!


Their latest venture includes the establishment of their very own unique burlesque production, The Effen Sessions, which debuted in April of 2019!

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Flow Artist


Lil'bits is a Syracuse native with a background in fine arts, dance, and music. She can be found exploring the surrounding Central New York parks with her pack of flow artist friends, honing her craft and spreading her love of prop manipulation to any inquisitive spectator who comes across her path.


She fell in love with hoop dance just under 3 years ago when she decided to make her first practicehoop, a huge monstrosity of black irrigation tubing and duct tape, and has since moved on to multi hoop play and her most treasured possession, the smart hoop. From a young age, she has been an avid sci-fi and fantasy fan and after many years of interpreting these explorations of the human condition through her paintings, she was excited to find another avenue to express these themes through the medium of hoop dance accompanied by electronic soundscapes.


Her desire to grow as a flow artist has expanded into other forms of meditative movements such as yoga, fire fans, poi and staff! She has quickly established her presence in the burlesque scene, transitioning from virgin audience member to dedicated performer in just under one year. She is the resident flow artist of Salt City Burlesque as well as Celestial Bodies Belly Dance troupe where she is also a member!

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Eerie Rottica



Eerie Rottica joined Salt City Burlesque in 2016 as a stage kitten. After a year of clearing the stage of fabulous costume pieces, Eerie thought it'd be more fun to take off the clothing than to pick it up, so she took the dive into becoming a performer herself. She is now a core member and dedicated team member who helps insure the shows run smoothly from set up to tear down.


Eerie performs a wide variety of acts, don't let her spooky name deceive you. Many of her acts actually lean heavily towards neo-classic glamour and beauty and it's evident that her heart is in the bumps and grinds. However, she does let her other sides show with fun horror and heavy metal inspired acts as well as dabbling in nerdlesque. 


Eerie’s performances are a delightful cocktail of classic and creepy, comedic and sultry; but over all erotic and eerie. She has performed all around upstate NY and is hopeful to travel more in the future. When she's not disrobing on stage Eerie also enjoys modeling and pin-up culture. In 2019 Eerie won Syracuse's Harley Davidson Pin-Up Girl contest. She's our token gothic macabre minx and it's always a thrill to see what she will do next! 

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Lulu La Femme

Classic and Neo-Burlesque


Lulu La Femme became a core member of Salt City Burlesque in 2018. Lulu has performed in the troupe's monthly shows, as well as in festivals in New York and Vermont, and as a guest with various productions across New York State. Lulu revels in every aspect of the burly life, including dreaming up innovative, unique act concepts, and designing eye-popping, over-the-top costumes and props.


In addition to dancing, Lulu has been featured in various pin-up publications, including Garters and Grills, Pin-up Kulture, Bombshell UK, Retro Lovely, Retro Lovely Scrapbook, and Retro Lovely Taboo. Lulu enjoys curating burlesque and pin-up related content for her Patreon community, including costume and movement tutorials, before-and-after transformations, exclusive at-home photo shoots, and performance footage. In 2020, she launched a semi-weekly online series called, "Poetry in Pasties,” and will soon be self-publishing a photo book entitled, “Blooming In Quarantine," which will feature her original poetry.


Packing a punch in a petite package, this versatile vixen aims for surprise and delight with every performance!

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Wesley Claire

Songstress Extraordinaire

You might often come across an obligatory list of accolades when reading any other artist bio...But I don't have a music degree from a prestigious conservatory, nor have I opened for any famous headliners.. I've never been signed...


But I have no need for those conventional tools to convince you, for the moment I sing my first note, you'll already know you're experiencing something rare and beautiful. It's a wildly dynamic range that brings together fans of all shapes and sizes to share a love of my unbridled authenticity. But don't take my word for it, listen for yourself.

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Frenchie Foreplay
Stage Kitten, Neo-Burlesque

Frenchie Foreplay is a New Hampshire native who now calls Central NY home. Frenchie made her debut as a stage kitten with Salt City Burlesque in September of 2017. She says she fell in love with burlesque many years ago while watching her first show in Ottawa, Canada. She notes old Hollywood glamour as her inspiration for exploring the art form.


Frenchie made her burlesque performance debut at the 4th annual Empire Burlesque Festival in Ithaca, NY with the Bourbon Babes, and in the summer of 2019 she made her solo burlesque debut with Salt City Burlesque!

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Miss Lola Amore

Emcee, Stage Manager, Stage Kitten/Prop Tart, Singer, Dancer


Miss Lola Amore is a Syracuse native and feels very lucky to have discovered an inspiring performance community through Salt City Burlesque! Miss Lola dove onstage for the first time singing holiday classics at the 2017 SCB Holiday Spectacular.


She now utilizes her many years of experience in theatre stage management as one of the resident Stage Kittens! However, you might also catch her onstage performing Chairlesque, dance duets, and impersonating Lady Gaga. Miss Lola is an all around talented lady and a backstage boss!

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Dandy Red

Boylesque Artist


Dandy Red is your red-hot, dandy gentleman of boylesque. He started dancing at the age of 3 with the Kathleen O'Keefe school of Irish Dance and frequently starred in school plays and musicals such as "Peter Pan", "The Secret Garden", "Suessical the Musical" and "Godspell".


After school he spent time between New York City and Los Angeles modeling and acting for film. Some included: “Suburbicon”, “Golden Boy”, 5SOS’s “Jet Black Heart” music video and Megan Trainor’s music video for “Better When I’m Dancin’ ” where he shares a cute moment with Megan serving him pie. By day he is a men’s style consultant specializing in made-to-order suits and tuxedos. Known for his style, flair, and flirtacious charm, Dandy Red will always leave you wanting more. And we can vouch, because we simply can't get enough!

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Neo-Burlesque, Fire Performer


Creatrix is a pistol-sized powerhouse, constantly working to bring you exciting entertainment whether it be with Salt City Burlesque or one of her own productions for Creatrix Presents. She’s a multi-faceted performance artist and producer with a gravitation to darkness and a penchant for fire! 

Heavily inspired by raw, grungy, 70’s acid metal with a contrasting bubbly 60’s aesthetic, she has a strong background in cosplay and fire performance art. Creatrix is sure to turn up the heat in the most nerdy and unique ways! Her genuinely eclectic style will forever be displayed in her art!

Creatrix also owns and operates her own small business, The Mad Apothecary, where she creates and sells curious creatures and artisan products inspired by nature!

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Connie Camaro  (They/Them)

Stage Crew, Neo-Burlesque

Connie Camaro is a non-binary Two Spirit artist and performer from the Onondaga Nation. They are also a founding member of Salt City Burlesque!


While they have had many opportunities to immerse themself in the burlesque world over the past 5+ years, it wasn't until late 2020 through Covid did they step into a performer role for the first time, creating "Gloomy Sunday V.0" a silent mini-film with their partner, Harlow Holiday.


Connie Camaro created their first solo burlesque work of art in late April 2021. Having sampled the adrenaline rush of performing and exhilaration of the tease, Connie is thrilled to explore what the future holds. With striking eyes, a million-dollar smile, and raw sensuality, unsurprisingly dubbed a monster in the making, CC says there's no looking back now... it's time to reclaim their sexuality, decolonize, and take Turtle Island by storm!

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Salt City Burlesque regularly features performers from the CNY region and beyond!
Lorem Velour



An eccentric hair and makeup artist with over a decade of experience, Lorem Velour has always been a passionate creator who brings a multitude of skills to the table. Known for her work with prominent events around Central New York, like Syracuse Fashion Week/Snarl and The Blow Out fantasy hair competitions, Lorem is a sought after amalgamation of hypnotic appeal, quirky humor, and pizzaz.


Inspired by the high glitz of the drag scene, Lorem plans to continue building confidence, dominance, and the ultimate femme fetale aesthetic on the burlesque stage all while bringing a smile to many faces!

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