Caress Burlesque with Lulu La Femme


Saturday 2/13/2021
11:00am - 12:30pm EST
$20* (includes 15 day access to recording)

Caress Burlesque

Sensual Self-Touch When Performing for Many, One, or None

Lulu is your tour guide as you explore your body wonderland from head-to-toe. Learn the importance of:

*setting an intention

*sending a clear invitation

*highlighting and presenting your best assets

*creating sensual choreography

*lustful leveling

*provocative props

..... and more.

This workshop is suited for all dance levels and abilities. Variations in movement and options will be offered throughout.

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Lulu was bit by the burlesque bug after winning the amateur competition at Salt City Burlesque's Fire and Ice Ball 2 in February 2018. Since her debut performance in May 2018, Lulu has performed in festivals in New York and Vermont, with her home troupe Salt City Burlesque, and as a guest performer with various productions across New York State. Lulu revels in every aspect of the burly life, including dreaming up innovative, unique acts and designing and creating eye-popping, over-the-top costumes. In addition to dancing, Lulu has been featured in several pin-up publications, including Pinup Kulture, Garters and Grills Magazine, Rocket Magazine, BOMBSHELL UK, and as a cover model for Retro Lovely.

Packing a punch in a petite package, this versatile vixen aims for surprise and delight with every performance.


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