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Salt City Burlesque
presents "AppeTEASERS" 
SALTLAND Theatre Festival 
Friday 4/28
Sunday 4/30


Experience a saucy preview of what burlesque has to offer with a weekend of three different mini shows serving up fun, comedy, and glamour. 

AppeTEASERS showcases Salt City Burlesque core members and an array of performers and artists from neighboring burlesque troupes from across the state. These nights will be just a sampling of the strong network of creative minds who come together to thrill and entertain audiences time and again!


Deeply rooted in love for Central New York, Salt City Burlesque (SCB) is honored to be a part of the inaugural SALTLAND Theatre Festival.  


SCB's mission is to provide inclusive, high-quality burlesque and vaudeville arts featuring music, dance, comedy, striptease, flow arts and more!  SCB honors and highlights local, regional performers, while also bringing national and world-renowned artists to Central New York.  This year SCB hosts their first ever weekend long festival on May 28 and 29 in Syracuse, which will include a variety of showcases, workshops, vendors, and celebrations!  Whether you're new to the world of burlesque or a returned audience member, SCB would love to welcome you to this year's SALTLAND Theatre Festival and future burlesque shows to come!

AppeTEASERS is produced by Miss Lola Amore

Production Assistants -Harlow Holiday and Lulu La Femme

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